Four Cells PQ


The 4-cell PQ platform is a steel structure on 4 articulated and height-adjustable feet. It is the ideal solution in industrial applications where it is necessary to measure the weight of very large objects. The platform supports the object to be weighed and transmits its load to the cells below, which measure it synchronously to return its precise value. In this way, the weighing platform works like a huge scale that is, however, precise and robust. A stainless steel version of 4-cell PQ platform is available; this is ideal in particularly aggressive environments. Moreover, it is possible to request CE-M3000e approval. PWS: 30/2014

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

Product code: PQ


Technical Specifications

Rated load (RL): 300 ÷ 6000
Combined error: 0.03 % RO
Safe overload: 150 % RL
Trasducer input voltage: 3 ÷ 15 Vdc
Rated output RO: 3 mV/V


  • ATEX
  • OIML
  • IECEx

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