Electronic weighing systems since 1963

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We have been leader in the weighing and measuring sector for 60 years. From the foundation of our company until today, we have been through all the levels of technological evolution up to integrated electronic weighing solutions with particular attention to the development of load cells, weight transmitters and weight indicators. Most of our products are customizable in order to best adapt to their final use and to meet customer needs. In addition to providing high quality products, we guarantee assistance, maintenance and several free services such as telephone assistance, tutorial videos available on our website and on our youtube channel and softwares for our instruments. Our weighing softwares simplify the weighing system usability since they allow calibration, linearisation and parameters set up, which usually occurs through a reduced keyboard. We are not just suppliers, we are real specialized consultants and we provide optimal and innovative solutions for your business. What makes our products different is the material and the production process care, our added value is given by our assistance and attention to the client through free services.

We supply multiple sectors

We supply products and services all over the world. Pavone Systems solutions are applied in all industrial sectors: steel, metallurgy, paint, tanneries, cement factories, paper mills, glass, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food processing and packaging industries. We give priorities to costumer needs: through the right questions, we provide the right solutions. Whether you are a small-medium industry or a multinational group, we always provide the proper solution thanks to our experience and our preparation.

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We offer weighing services

Our work approach is active: the relationship with client not only consists in selling the right product but also in educating our customer through assistance e technical competences. We deal with production, installation, assistance and consulting; We periodically check the operation of the weighing system and ensure the correct calibration. Moreover, we provide other services such as: calibration of weighing systems with new full scale resolution values, repair of instruments and load cells, machinery re-homologation, verification of the correct mechanical installation and correct electrical connection of the equipment, verification of the correct calibration according to the required procedures, ecc. We are also suppliers of calibration certificates (ISO 9000).

We are innovators

Experience and research have enabled us to become true specialists in industrial electronic weighing. We are not simply researchers, we are above all innovators looking for new solutions. Every day, we work to pursue our corporate mission with the scope of continuously improving our products and services. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and ensure them the best accuracy and reliability in every measurement through our high quality products and our advice.

We care about certifications

Our business is proven by certifications that ensure the quality and the safety of our products and our services. The quality of our Management System is 100% reliable since it is certified by ISO 9001: 2015, which aims at verifying the company ability of providing products and services that meet customer requirements and satisfaction.

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