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We pay attention to Certifications

The professionalism of Pavone Systems is proven by safe and recognized certifications. We comply with local regulations and we are certified to operate in various markets all over the world. Pavone Systems has certifications about product and company quality. Our electronic and industrial weighing systems, including load cells, weight transmitters and weight indicators, are approved according to the parameters and regulations in force. In addition, the quality of our management system and the entrepreneurial skills of our company are verified by external and internationally recognized bodies. Download our certifications to know the details.

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ISO 9001ISO 9001 → download the certification
The certification ISO 9001:2015 Standard is released by RINA. After an objective evaluation carried out by expert personnel, the certification confirms the quality of our management system and recognizes our business and technical skills. It is also a distinctive element compared to non-certified organizations and it represents a guarantee of reliability for customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators.
ULUL → download the certification
The UL mark is the most widely recognized, esteemed and accepted test of a product compliance with US and CANADIAN safety requirements. The certification indicates that Laboratory Inc. (UL) has tested representative samples of a product in order to evaluate if they meet the safety standards in relation to their potential fire hazards, electric shock and mechanical hazard. The UL mark on a product demonstrates the constant compliance of the manufacturer with the most restrictive safety standards applicable.
GOSTGOST → download the certification
The GOST Standard certification states that the product complies with the safety requirements set by the applicable Belarusian directives or regulations.
The EAC certification attests the conformity of a product with the relevant safety requirements. The EAC Certificate of the Eurasian Economic Union was introduced with the reform of technical regulations (TR CU) of 2011. The EAC certificate is a mandatory document for the import and sale of numerous products in Russia and the rest of the country of the Eurasian Economic Union.
ATEXATEX → download the certification
ATEX is the conventional name that brings together two European Union directives: the 2014/34 / EU for the regulation of equipment intended for use in areas at risk of explosion and the 99/92 / EC for the safety and health of workers in explosive atmospheres. The first directive addresses manufacturers of equipment that is intended for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. The second one is applied in work environments at risk of explosion, where certified systems and equipment are put into operation.
NAWINAWI → download the certification
The NAWI certification is specifically intended for non-automated weighing systems. The product quality and the production process are tested in order to verify if the company is compliant with regulations and methodologies.
OIML is a metrological certification necessary to commercialize measurement tools aimed at legal scopes. This certification is realized by SICERT under the direct control of the federal agency Rosstandard, who verifies the reliability of the legal measurement systems. The OIML certification has not to be considered as substitute of the EAC certification. OIML is released after technical verification and controls managed by experts.
The NTEP certification attests that Pavone Sistemi weighing systems meet the requirements for the legal uses defined by American regulation NIST Handbook 44 (Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices. NCWM Publication 14 Weighing Devices).
The FM certification aims at testing the reliability of the weighing systems in terms of safety in potentially explosive environments in USA. It is the equialent of the ATEX certification. This certification is released after demonstrating the conformity with the highest safety standards.
The IECEx certification refers to electrical products intended for installation in areas at risk of explosion. The IECEx certificate is widespread and internationally recognized and demonstrates compliance with the Ex standards issued by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The IECEx certification guarantees the security levels required at international level.
SILSIL → download the certification
The SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification indicates the safety integrity level of a safety device or system. SIL certification ensures that the prerequisites necessary for safe quality operation are met.