Dynamic Weighing


Microcontroller for Loss in Weight App

MC 382

The MC 382 product is a weight loss flow regulator used in dynamic weighing that integrates weight and velocity variables and performs the flow regulator function set via PI of the analog output. It i 


Microcontroller for Screw Conveyors

MC 352

The MC 352 product is a belt flow regulator able to integrate weight and speed variables, perform the flow regulator function set by means of the analog output PI and totalize the dosed weight with tr 


Flow Regulator for Belt and Loss in Weight touch

MC 353

MC 353 is an excellent solution for dynamic weighing, 100% customizable by the customer. In fact, the MC 353 dynamic weighing solution can work as a weight loss flow regulator or as a belt flow rate r 


Heavy and Big-Sized Weighing & Batching Belt


The BWS-H product is used in dynamic weighing as a dosing tape in harsh working environments such as steel mills, foundries, port sites, etc. our heavy-duty metering belts are able to measure exactly  


Weighing Belt


The BK SERIES product is used in dynamic weighing and allows the realization of a weighing system on conveyor belts (new or existing) in the basin. The weighing system is completed with the connection 


Weighing & Batching Belt


The product PS-ND SERIES is used in dynamic weighing as a weighing and / or measuring tape. It is particularly suitable for the dosing of heavy and large-sized materials and is also used as a weight t 


Check Weigher


The DLW product is a loading platform with a motorized conveyor belt with adjustable height and direction. The DLW end-of-line weight controller is used where it is necessary to verify that the produc