Microcontroller for Loss in Weight App MC 382

MC 382

The MC 382 product is a weight loss flow regulator used in dynamic weighing that integrates weight and velocity variables and performs the flow regulator function set via PI of the analog output. It is possible to use it as a SLAVE doser, with the set point setting as a percentage on the full scale by means of a serial connection to our instruments and display the status of the I / O, the current weight, the instantaneous speed and the set correction factor. PWS: 20/2012

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Technical Specifications in PDF

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Technical Specifications

Measuring range: -3.9 ÷ +3.9 mV/V
Input sensitivity: 0.02 µV/count
Full scale non-Linearity: <0.01 %
Gain drift: <0.001 % full scale/°C
Display: LCD alphanumeric backlit 16 x 2 scripts
A/D Converter: 24 bit
Trasducer input voltage: 5 Vdc / 90 mA ; max 6 (350 Ohm)
Degree of protection: IP54
Visible resolution (in divisions): > 60000
Divisions value (adjustable): x1, x2, x5, x10
Temperature range: -10 ÷ +50 °C (max 85% humidity without condensation)
Storage temperature: -20 ÷ +70°C
Logic output: outputs (NA) MAX 115 Vca /30 Vdc 0.5 A cad.
Logic input: 8 optoisolated 12 / 24 Vcc PNP
Serial port: COM1: RS232 half duplex; COM2: RS422/RS485 half duplex
Power supply: 230 (115) Vca 50-60 Hz ; 15 VA
Regulatory compliance: EN50081-1, EN50082-2 for EMC EN61010-1 for electrical security
Baud rate: 9600 RS232 - 38400 RS485
Transmission distance: 15m (RS232C), 1000m (RS422; RS485)
Analog output: 0 ÷ 10 V, 0 ÷ 5 V, 0 ÷ 20 mA, 16 bit; R (V)>10 K Ohm, (I)<300 Ohm
Drilling template: 139 x 67 mm (L x H)
Dimensions: 144 x 72 x 120 mm (L x H x D)
Fieldbus: Modbus RTU, Profibus DP external mounting on DIN guide

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