Pallet Scale PE


The PE product is a U-shaped platform with an open side which allows forklifts or transpallets to dovetail. With PE is easy to lay the pallets for weighing. The PE pallet scaler is low profile and easily transportable and is suitable for industrial and commercial applications where it is necessary to weigh on trolleys. The structure is in sheet steel but it is also available in stainless steel and in ATEX version.

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

PVS: 10/2014


Technical Specifications

Rated load (RL): 600, 1500, 3000 Kg
Combined error: 0.03 % RO
Safe overload: 150 % RL
Trasducer input voltage: 3 ÷ 15 Vdc
Rated output RO: 1 mV/V ± 2


  • ATEX
  • OIML

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