Crane Scale CS09


The CS09 product is an ideal dynamometer for weighing very heavy suspended loads, equipped with a weight indicator display and equipped with wi-fi technology to communicate in real time with remote devices. The CS09 weight indicator is made of stainless steel, the calibration takes place digitally and is prearranged for PC connection or with remote indicator and printer. There are different versions of CS09, which can be customized according to customer's needs. PWS: 18/2018

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

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Technical Specifications

Display: 40 mm, DOT red LED
Degree of protection: IP67
Temperature range: -10 ÷ +40°C
Filter: digital and programmable
Calibration: Programmable by keyboard or computer
Accuracy full scale: 3 t ÷ 9 t: ±0.05 % full scale; 12 t ÷ 50 t: ±0.1 % full scale
Charger: Rechargeable battery. Charger 230 Vac 50 Hz

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