Weight Transmitter DAT 700

DAT 700

The DAT 700 weight transmitter rewrites the concept of high performance at a small price. This weight transmitter is practical, compact, and configurable via panel keys or the Optimation software, which can ensure configuration upload and download, as well as real-time filter viewing. The DAT 700 weight transmitter is available in serial and/or analog versions, or as a bipolar version. Various Fieldbus are available through an external module. The load cells that can be connected to this transmitter are analog and/or amplified in voltage and current. PWS: 01/2024

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

Product code: PSDA0070

Technical Specifications

Power supply: 10-30VDC protected against reverse polarity. Protection with resettable fuse
Insulation: Class II
Operating temperature: -10°C ± +40°C (max. non-condensing humidity 85%)
Storage temperature: -20°C ± +60°C
Display: numerical 6-digit red 7-segment led (h 14 mm)
Dimensions: 96 mm x 48 mm x 100 mm (w x h x d) (terminal blocks included)
Material: self-extinguishing PPO (UL 94 V0)
Electrical connection: removable screw 5.08 mm pitch terminal blocks
Cell input: max 8 of 350 ohms in parallel
Operating voltage: 5Vdc (cell input), ± 10 V / ± 5 V (analog voltage output), 0 ± 20 mA / 4 ± 20 mA (current analog output)
Output linearity: < 0.01% of full scale (cell input), 0.03% of full scale (current analog & analog voltage output)
Temperature drift (Input): < 0.001% of full scale / C° (cell input), 0.002% of full scale / °C (current analog & analog voltage output)
Internal Resolution: 24 bits (cell input), 16 bits (both current analog and analog voltage output)
Measuring range: from -7.6 mV/V to +7.6 mV/V
Filter: selectable 0.1 Hz - 1000 Hz
Decimal figures range: 0 to 4 decimal digits
Logic output: 2 photo relay outputs (24 VDC/Vac one NO contact) Relay contact rating 100 mA
Logic input: No. 2 opto-isolated
Serial port: Rs232 half duplex, Rs485 half-duplex, USB Device for instrument programming and setting
Baud rate: Up to 115 kb/s (default 9600 b/s)
Calibration: Digital from buttons (both current and analog voltage output)
Impedance: minimum 10K Ohm (current analog output), maximum 300 Ohm (analog voltage output)
Microcontroller: 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+, 256KB Flash reprogrammable on-board by USB
Data storage: 32 Kbytes + optional Aliby memory (1MByte)
Regulatory compliance: EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3 for EMC, EN61010-1 for Electrical Safety

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