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MKX is a mounting accessory invented by Pavone Systems, who developed this product thanks to his previous experience and know-how. This is an innovative mechanical system for mounting load cells for industrial weighing systems. The kit can be easily adjusted for both radial and tangential assembly. MKX does not hinder the normal expansion and contraction movements of the weighing structure and it allows the weighing structure to be lifted by itself without the aid of a jack. Furthermore, it is excellent as a template for the assembly mechanics of a weighing system. The MKX accessory stands out from the others because: it is possible to adjust it in height and this allows to reach the perfect flatness, the lower base and the upper base are connected and fixed and this ensures correct installation and perfect perpendicularity, it also works as anti-tilting and finally, it is able to absorb the lateral forces thanks to the ball cup attached to the base of the cell on which the load is unloaded. The mounting kit MKX is available in alloy steel or in stainless steel AISI 304 and can be used with our load cells: 65023 (with capacity 125÷250 kg, 300÷2000 kg, 3000÷5000 kg), 65083 (with capacity 300÷2000 kg and 3000÷5000 kg), SB (with capacity 75÷250 kg), SBR (with capacity 300÷2000 kg, 3000÷5000 kg and 7500÷10000), BBR (with capacity 5÷500 kg) and BBF (with capacity 15÷1500 kg). PWS: 06/2018

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