Expansion module I/O EIOS 84


The EIOS 84 industrial weighing accessory is an additional external unit that is used to extend the potential of the MCT 1302 weight indicator by increasing the number of inputs and outputs. In so doing, EIOS 84 allows the MCT 1302 weight indicator to carry out not only standard operations for which its inputs and outputs are already sufficient, but also to perform more complex operations, such as dosage, loss-in-weight weighing and belt weighing. These applications are considered complex because they are characterized by dynamism and by multiple aspects that must be taken into consideration simultaneously to carry out the correct weighing. Think, for example, of alarms, different machines and sirens. These elements may require changes to the hardware, but thanks to EIOS 84 it is possible to extend the inputs and outputs of the indicator without replacing or physically modifying it. The advantage brought by EIOS 84 lies in the ability to make the MCT 1302 indicator a versatile and adaptable product to various industrial applications without additional costs. EIOS 84 can be mounted on a DIN bar and allows you to manage 8 logic outputs and 4 logic inputs. EIOS 84 can be connected to MCT 1302 via RS232 and RS485 or via synchronous current loop connection. Furthermore, it is possible to connect up to 4 EIOS 84 cards simultaneously, thus managing up to 32 logic outputs and 16 logic inputs. PWS: 09/2020

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Technical Specifications in PDF

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Technical Specifications

Material: Polyamide 6.6 UL 94V-0 self-extinguishing
Temperature range: -10 ÷ +40 °C (max 85% humidity without condensation)
Storage temperature: -20 ÷ +50 °C
Logic output: N° 8 relays (normally open contact) max 115Vac / 30Vdc, 0.5 A each
Logic input: N° 4 optoinsulated PNP (voltage 10 - 30 Vdc)
Serial port: 1 asynchronous serial interface (current loop, RX only) + 1 RS232 + 1 RS485 (bidirectional)
Power supply: 10 ÷ 30 Vdc
Regulatory compliance: EN50081-1, EN50082-2, EN61010-1
Dimensions: 93 x 126 x 60 mm (L x H x D) DIN43700
Isolation: Class III
Connection to the instruments: Screw terminal blocks, pitch 5.08

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