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Pavone Systems, a market leader since 1963 in industrial weighing systems, has consolidated its know how over the years and today it represents the guarantee of the brand. The undisputable quality of Made in Italy brand is realized by a careful management of the productive process in all its details: printed circuit boards, electronic assembly and testing. The production knowledge gives us the ability to develop custom products based on our customer's needs, assuring at the same time that all the certification parameters are met correctly. Technical support during the purchase and personal relation with customers are a plus for our made-in-Italy brand.

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Weighing systems installation and setup
We verify the correct mechanical installation, the correct electrical connection of the equipment and the correct calibration according to the required procedures.
Assistance and periodic verification
Assistance is a way of being close to our customers and help them in their work in the best way. We know what efficiency and reliability mean; for this reason, we offer periodic functional checks of weighing systems in order to verify the correct calibration and guarantee an accurate and reliable result. Furthermore, we offer a telephone assistance service for free to everyone: both those who have purchased our products and those who have problems with other weighing systems of different brands. Last but not least, we also support our customers only with tutorial videos, which aim at facilitating the assembly and the correct use of weighing instruments.
Weighing tools repair
We provide functional verification and repair services for weighing instruments and load cells. The fixing process occurs according to the LEARNING-BY-DOING methodology, this means that our specialised technicians not only fix the weighing instrument but also understand the cause of the problem and make sure that weighing tools are applied correctly with the purpose of a long maintenance of load cells or weighing instruments.
Weighing systems re-calibration and re-approval
Among our services, we also offer re-calibration of weighing systems to new resolution and full scale values ​​and calibration of weighing systems according to the OIML standards.
ISO 9000 calibration certificates release
We offer certificates ensuring the correct calibration as indicated by the internal procedure of the quality system.
Custom solutions for industrial and electronic weighing
Pavone Systems aims at satisfying their customers and finding the proper solutions for them. For this reason, our weighing systems adapt to the work environment and meet our customers’ needs.
Free Softwares
The Optimization and the Recipes softwares are installed directly and without additional costs by Pavone Systems. These softwares allow to avoid problems, which can modify the weighing and make it innacurate. Moreover, these softwares have several functions, such as the acquisition and the transmission of data, the recover of data previously saved, the batching, the capability of memorizing several recipes and so on.

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Contact us to receive a quote or technical information about our services. Our specialised staff will be glad to help you. We provide our knowledge and experience through our consultation services, every day, since 1963.

Alessandro Banfo, PAVONE SISTEMI S.R.L.