Axle Weighing WWSERF (Wi-Fi)


The WWSERF platform is precise, robust and avoids the clutter of the connection cables between the platforms thanks to battery operation with a duration of up to 12 hours and warning in case of low battery. It has a weight indicator, a radio module, a polycarbonate waterproof keyboard with mechanical keys, transport wheels and non-slip vulcanized rubber applied below the platform for maximum grip on any type of surface. The dimensions of the WWSERF platform are 700x450 mm. The WWSERF platform is modular (small and large capacity) based on the field of use and has various functions including: tare and auto-off. PWS: 28/2016

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

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Technical Specifications

Internal Resolution: 1,500,000 points (input signal = 3 mV / V)
Visible resolution (in divisions): > 800 000
Temperature range: -10 ÷ +40 ° C (at constant temperature)
Excitation voltage: 5 Vdc ±5 %, 120mA (max 8 cells of 350 Ohm)
Power supply: 6 Vdc with rechargeable battery (6V-4.5Ah)
Load cells material: IP68 Stainless steel
Load cells connection: 6 wires (CELL 1) with Remote Sense, 4-wire (CELL 2, 3, 4) without Remote Sense
Minimum voltage per division: 0.3 micronV
Maximum input signal: 6 mV/V
Power consumption: 5 VA
Platform dimensions: 700 x 561 mm, height 58 mm, weight 26 kg
Load plan: 700 x 450 mm