Hand Pallet Truck Scale RAVAS 2100 Exi

RAVAS 2100 Exi

RAVAS 2100 Exi is a mobile weighing instrument that combines absolute ease of use and reliability in measurement with excellent performance in terms of load capacity. It can be used simply as a mobile scale or, with the implementation of dedicated functions, it can work as a piece counter, manage and control dosages, print, transmit wireless data, etc. In addition, RAVAS 2100 Exi has antistatic guide wheels, it switches off automatically after 3 minutes of non-use, indicates gross weight and net weight and is also available in special versions with stainless steel structural work and ATEX certification.

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

PVS: 20/2012

Technical Specifications

Rated load (RL): 2.200 Kg
Display: LCD h 18 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Degree of protection: load cells IP67, Indicator IP65
Weight: 130 kg
Charger: 230V/8Vdc - 1 A; not for use in hazardous areas
Battery: intrinsically safe, approved KEMA 02ATEX2343 number BU-2100-Exi, 8Vdc/3.5 Ah, rechargeable, interchangeable, maintaining zero
Accuracy: 0.1 % RL
Divisions: Multirange divisions: 0.2 Kg (0 ÷ 200 kg); 1 kg (500 ÷ 2200 kg)


  • ATEX

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