Cable J.Boxes CAVO HT


The HT cable is an accessory tool designed by Pavone Sistemi for weighing systems and connections within them. Teflon PFA cables, created with materials that guarantee safety and prevention, are robust, efficient, 100% reliable and safe. The HT cable is particularly suitable in working environments where temperatures are very high. PWS: 30/2012

Further Information

Technical Specifications in PDF

Product code: PSCV0411

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature: from -70 °C to +260 °C (in fixed installation)
Standards: CEI 20.35 - CEI 20.22 (flame retardant test)
Inductance: <= 0,8 mH/km
Mutual capacitance: <= 80 nF/km
Insulation resistance: >= 2000 Megaohm x km @ 20°C
Electrical resistance: <= 58.8 Ohm/km @ 20°C
Operating voltage: 600 V (maximum)
Testing voltage: 2000 V a.c. for 5' (core - core) / 1000 V a.c. for 1' (core - shield)
Bending radius: cable diameter x 6 (in fixed installation)
Weight: 65 kg/km (nominal)
Diameter: (6,1 ± 0,5) mm
Sheath colour: red
Sheath: fluoropolymer PFA type (thickness >= 0,4 mm)
Shield: nickel-plated copper wires braid (wire diameter 0,125 mm, density of coverage >= 85%)
Wrapping: by polyester tape helically wound (thickness 0,020 mm)
Cores colour: red-orange, black-blue, green-white (paired cable assembled)
Insulation: fluoropolymer PFA type (diameter 1,25 mm)
Conductors: flexible nickel-plated copper wires 11 x 0,2 mm

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